Do your customers seem unhappy with your service, but you can’t seem to boost satisfaction? Are the number of on-time payments you receive getting lower and lower each month? These are common concerns many businesses face every day. Concerns that one of Speedpay’s largest utility customers found could be easily addressed by implementing one-click billing.

What is one-click billing?

One-click billing is a payment solution that sends customers an email with a PDF of their bill attached with the option to pay directly from within the email itself, without ever needing to open the attachment. Customers who save their account details for their preferred method of payment can pay the total amount due or the past-due payment using their checking or savings account. Mobile device users can also remit an electronic payment in just one click. It’s a faster and easier solution for your customers.

Is one-click billing a solution that can solve your business problems? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have low customer satisfaction? In today’s fast-paced world, your payment options need to fit seamlessly into your customers’ lives. Between night classes, work, and running the kids to practice, they don’t have much time for anything else. Give them a simplified option that matches their fast-paced lifestyle– one-click billing. They can pay their bill whenever, and wherever, they want – whether it’s in line for their morning coffee or during their evening commute. Meeting your customer where they’re most comfortable will translate into higher customer satisfaction and more on-time payments.
  • Are your customers missing payments? If your customers are forgetting or neglecting to make their payments on time, it could be a simple issue of forgetting login information. We’ve all been there, right? You go to visit your biller’s website only to realize you forgot which email matches which password. After a few attempts, a little frustrated, you shut your laptop and say you’ll figure it out later. Well you’re not the only one, and when customers do this, chances are they forget to log back in and make a late payment. This isn’t good for your business and it’s certainly not good for your customer. One-click billing eliminates this issue by saving customer information. No more sifting through emails to find a username or password. No more searching for account numbers. No more missing payments.
  • Do you have a large DSO? If you have a large DSO, it might mean that your customers are failing to make their payments. Maybe they’re busy and simply forgot. Maybe they couldn’t remember their login information and never completed the transaction. Regardless, offering a simple, quick payment option like one-click billing will ensure your customers make more on-time payments, and you’ll decrease your DSO – a win-win for everyone.


Download our case study to find out how our client, The City of Tallahassee, and its utility customers reaped the benefits of Speedpay’s fast, mobile-first payment option.