If you’re like most American consumers, you’ve probably stopped to think once or twice about how to make more eco-friendly choices in your day-to-day life, like turning off the lights and using less plastic. But have you considered how your business decisions are impacting the environment? You don’t have to be an environmentalist to recognize that Americans are depleting our resources much faster than they can replenish themselves, and making small changes can go a long way.

As a pioneer in the mobile payments industry, we love it when our clients go paperless. eBilling has countless benefits for you, your customers, and the environment.

For instance, consider the journey of a paper bill. Your company spends time and money to print and mail the bill to your customer. It takes time for the bill to reach your customer. And after your customer has paid the bill, they toss the leftover paper in the trash. By going paperless you can reduce mail costs, decrease the amount of customer calls, and lower days sales outstanding (DSO), since online payments process more quickly than paper payments. Going paperless will also drive website traffic and customer self-service as more customers pay online. Overall, the switch to paperless will increase customer satisfaction, as caller wait times decrease, and offering a wider variety of payment options simplifies the lives of customers and makes it easier for them to stay current on their payments.

With 84 percent of adults on the internet, and many using mobile devices and apps to pay their bills, there isn’t much of an excuse for not going paperless.

Consider the following steps you can take now to move from paper billing to online billing:

  1. Streamline customer email collection by making it a routine part of phone and online interactions with customers.
  2. Send customers digital communications that allow them to opt-in rather than asking customers to visit a website for enrollment.
  3. Look at customers who have signed up for paperless billing and ensure they have turned off paper billing, so they aren’t receiving paper and online bills.
  4. Increase paperless adoption by removing barriers. Paper bills often acts as a payment reminder, so be sure you have text or email payment reminders available for customers who enroll in paperless billing.