Mortgage servicers face a variety of challenges when it comes to collecting payments – regulatory, technological, and evolving customer engagement. Regulatory requirements can be met through business rules, although the architecture of those rules should be flexible to change with the regulatory environment. Technology options are evolving and can be expensive for an industry where ancillary revenue options continue shrinking. And customers desire engagement options beyond traditional ebills and websites. Challenging? Without a doubt. 

A business can spend money building, maintaining, and growing its own solutions. Another strategy, though, – one that may be far less expensive – is to partner with a trusted provider with a well-known industry history that is focused on providing the best customer experience possible and is flexible enough to move quickly to support your needs.

Speedpay is such a partner. Consider:

  • Experience: Speedpay has been entrenched in the mortgage servicing industry for decades. Through this experience, Speedpay understands the industry’s nuanced challenges and can share best practices to help deliver the most seamless payment experience possible. And since Speedpay is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies, you can feel comfortable partnering as well. 
  • Flexibility: Speedpay supports customer engagement in so many ways, from a range of channels and payment types, including debit cards, to methods of communication catered to homeowners’ desires. We were the first to market with a mobile-first approach and haven’t stopped there. Speedpay offers moBills®, which integrates notifications and bills right into your customers’ mobile wallets with frictionless payment options leading to increased customer engagement and more on-time payments.
  • Availability: With an uptime of 99 percent, Speedpay provides mortgage servicers with a platform that helps engage customers about their payments, regardless of when or how they want to pay.
  • Easy to use: Speedpay can be easily integrated with any servicing or collections platform. And our configurable Next Gen platform delivers a superior experience for you and your customers.

Let us help you deliver effective solutions that resolve your payment challenges and deliver effective engagement with your customers. Visit to learn more.