Now that billers understand the benefits of getting customers to adopt digital billing – and are more in-tune with their preferences for digital technologies and services from providers – companies should continue to nurture the adoption of these solutions. Despite many consumers already enjoying the benefits of digital advancements in payments, there are still some that have yet to make the switch.

So, what can businesses do to maximize the benefit of digital tools among their customers and increase adoption?

Educate the Consumer

Digital payment tools can impact consumers’ perception of their control over personal finances and information. Previously consumers would send paper checks and receive paper billing statements with less security concerns, but there is a greater worry and distrust in digital methods. Billers must educate their consumers on their continuous digital security measures, efforts, and overall benefits. Once customers are able to trust digital services to secure their information and transactions, usage may increase.

Technology is constantly advancing – every day there is a new update. Companies should consistently provide the latest tools and resources for their consumers to learn about their digital services. Even if a consumer is previously acquainted and utilizing a digital service, if an unfamiliar change is made, it may cause a poor user experience and minimize usage. Customer education is critical for adoption and continuous usage. While education can help your customers gain a better understanding, your company should implement tactical strategies to ease the digital migration.

Simplify the Move

Education provides a strong foundation for digital adoption and the key to shifting more of your customer base to digital billing is removing the barriers to adoption and simplifying the opt-in process.                      

  1. Make Email Collection a RoutineBy making email collection a routine part of phone calls with customer service representatives and online conversations with chatbots and virtual assistants, you can begin to migrate more customers to digital billing – hassle free.
  2. Offer Convenient Digital Billing Opt-In OptionsWhen sending out digital communications, offer an option within the email for consumers to opt-in to digital billing, rather than routing them to the website to enroll. This eliminates another step to the process that would otherwise deter consumers from following through.
  3. Remind Consumers to Opt-Out of PaperKeep in mind that consumers are busy, and although billers have made it easy for customers to opt-in to digital billing, they may not realize they’re still receiving paper bills or do not take the time to opt-out. Make opting out of paper billing as easy on consumers as possible by encouraging those who receive both digital and paper billing to opt-out of paper through a simple email communication.

As your customers migrate to digital billing, help them get the most of their experience through ongoing consumer education, removing barriers to digital adoption and making the opportunity to switch to paperless billing too easy to ignore.  


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