Q. Do you have a morning ritual?

LB. My mornings start out early! Having a 5-month-old can have me up at odd hours. I’ll sometimes check email in the middle of the night when I find myself awake with the baby. My official morning starts with coffee for certain. With a baby and a toddler at home, getting out the door can be quite the event. Thankfully I have great help at home that allows me to make it to the office each day.


Q. What’s the first thing you do when you get to the office each morning?

LB. I try to start each day by catching up on industry news. If I don’t have any meetings scheduled first thing, I’ll peruse PYMNTS.com for the latest on what’s happening in the payments world. If I see something relevant, I’ll share it with my internal team or pass it along to a client. This habit helps me start the day inspired by the newest developments in the industry and gets my brain working on how those developments can help our Speedpay clients.

Q. What’s your favorite part of your job?

LB. My absolute favorite part of my job is working with clients. I love connecting with clients to discuss their pain-points and then working together to come up with a custom solution for their needs.

Q. You’ve held a number of positions within Speedpay over the past 15 years. What keeps you motivated?

LB. Right out of college I started off working in programming. I quickly learned that I missed interaction with people, which led me to a position as a product manager, working with the internal team to bring the latest payments technology to life. Working on the product side, I caught a glimpse of client needs through my attendance at industry trade shows. From there I was hooked and transitioned to a role in marketing. I helped launch the B2B marketing team and was privileged to be part of some remarkable programs. In my current role, I am able to apply my wealth of knowledge of Speedpay offerings and the payments industry to the needs of our clients. I am lucky to work alongside the most driven and dedicated individuals who keep my passion for the payments industry thriving day in and day out.

Q. I’m proud to be part of the Speedpay family because:

LB. We have a long history in the industry. We’ve been around for 30 years! I’ve witnessed some major milestones over the years. All those victories can be attributed to our amazing relationships with our clients. They’re the ones telling us what consumers truly want and keep us on the cutting edge of the industry. The Speedpay team is some of the best in the business and I am proud to work alongside them.

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