By Melissa Klotz, Project Manager

At Speedpay, the Project Management team wears a lot of hats. We’re problem solvers, analysts, account managers, relationship fosterers, and community builders. We start every day asking ourselves what else we can do for our clients. And after years of prioritizing our clients’ needs, we’ve discovered that there are a few hallmarks of a customer-centric culture in any business.


#1: Communicate Frequently and Honestly

A positive customer experience is never letting a client feel that they have to come to you first, whether it’s for questions, concerns, or even problems that may arise on their account. The more proactive you can be as a partner and the more you can communicate with a client, the better your relationship will be overall. At Speedpay, that means always being the one to identify a problem should one come up, even if it’s news the client doesn’t want to hear. Being open, honest, and proactive is the single most important way to build a lasting relationship.

It’s also important, especially at the beginning of a relationship, to communicate frequently with your client. You never want them to feel like you’ve forgotten them or that you have other priorities. Simply checking in regularly lets them know that they’re top of mind and being heard.


#2: Make Your Client Top Priority

This should go without saying, but the tough reality of being a project manager is that you don’t have the luxury of focusing all your time and attention on just one client. The best project manager, however, never lets their clients feel like they’re not top priority. Whether you’re simply checking in or making a major update to their billing platform, the client should feel like their business is your business.

As the relationship progresses, you can determine how often and in which ways you communicate based on their preferences, but at the onset of the relationship, it’s always better to over-communicate than under-service.


#3: Anticipate the Latest Product Trends

There’s a lot going on in the mobile payments industry, and it’s difficult for businesses with customers of their own to constantly keep up with the latest and greatest product offerings and newest innovations on the market. At Speedpay, we let our sales team do the selling, but as project managers, we make it our priority to make sure our clients know and understand what’s being offered and more importantly, what’s to come.

If you’re a project manager, some of these tips may sound intuitive, but in the frenetic business of payments, it’s easy to let honest communication, attentiveness, and prioritization fall by the wayside. These three tips have kept our clients happy and can keep your customers happy, too.


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